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The magical ferroferric oxide reveals the mystery of strange phenomena

2020-09-24 13:23


The story goes back to the 1980s when Harald Kaffe was a senior physicist at the famous Clems College in the United States. Daughter Fondali Kaffee graduated from Princeton University. Both father and daughter are passionate about the study of mysterious natural phenomena and joined the American "Earth Strange Phenomenon Exploration Society". At that time, the Marvo Valley in the Peruvian Andes was known as the "Ghost Valley". It is said that it was named after the ghosts of thousands of troops and horses fighting in the night of lightning and thunder. On February 6, 1992, the two Harland father and daughter entered the valley for investigation. Suddenly the compass and watch all failed, and thunder and lightning flashed. The daughter hurriedly used the infrared night vision camera to shoot. After a while, the thunder stopped, and the valley was quiet. After getting down, there was a scream of war horses neighing and killing. Father used a high-intensity condensing flashlight to illuminate the valley, but there was no one. After a thunder, the valley was calm again.

The father and daughter returned to the United States to study the video and local war history. It was verified that there was a war there in 1354, and linguists confirmed that the video was indeed the language of fighting between the two belligerent countries. The father and daughter concluded that the Marvo Valley recorded this large-scale war and replayed it intermittently in thunderstorms for 600 years. However, this conclusion has been questioned by experts from the "Odd Detective Society", claiming that the "Valley Video Recorder" is contrary to science and the video sound may be artificially added. Harland could not bear the blow and died of a sudden illness. The daughter, unwilling to be humiliated by her father, continued her research and speculated that the valley formed a giant VCR. On April 5, 2002, Fondali went into the mountain again to survey and finally found the magnetite. These magnetites are as fine as powder, densely packed with rock layers, like the fine magnetic powder on the surface of a magnetic tape. Then she made a subtle model to simulate the valley experiment. After rigorous and demanding artificial lightning production, more than 1,000 electric shock experiments, finally successfully demonstrated the strange phenomenon of the valley. 

The success of this experiment shocked the entire scientific community, successfully deciphering the mystery of the ghost valley, and made outstanding contributions to the promotion and research of modern science fields such as geological prospecting, geophysics, and electromagnetic induction.

It is this fantastic inquiry that has revealed many mysteries of humanity, and the application and promotion of ferroferric oxide in the field of science and technology have reached an unprecedented level.

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