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Considerations for Nachi bearing type selection

Posted on 2020-02-28 09:50 ET

1 load

The type of bearing shall be selected according to the type of load (radial, axial, torque) and the load applied on the bearing. In the same size series of bearings, roller bearings have larger load rating than ball bearings.

2 Rotation speed

The ultimate speed of bearing depends on bearing type, bearing size, working accuracy, cage structure, load, lubrication system and seal type and design. The speed limit of standard bearing given in bearing size table is a basis for bearing type selection.

Bearings for high rotational speeds are usually used with high accuracy. When the bearing is used for ultra speed operation, please consult our company (Tianjin XINZEHUI) in advance.

3 adjustment

If the adjustment accuracy of the shaft and bearing seat is poor or the shaft is flexed due to the load, the inner and outer rings of the bearing are eccentric.

The allowable eccentricity of non self aligning rolling bearing can only be controlled by the combined internal clearance. If the desired angle of inclination between the inner and outer rings occurs, then the bearing should be selected from such types as thrust ball bearing with self-aligning washer, self-aligning ball bearing or self-aligning roller bearing.

The permissible tilt angle of the bearing varies depending on the bearing type, internal clearance and load conditions. If the eccentricity angle in the bearing is greater than the allowable angle, internal damage of the bearing may occur. Please contact our company for assistance.

4 Installation and removal

Rolling bearings are divided into separable type or non separable type. If the separable bearing is used, its installation and removal are very convenient. With the use of tapered bore bearings and bushes, or hydraulic devices, it is easy to install and remove the bearings.

5 Bearing environment

If there is a relatively large source near the bearing installation, or the bearing should respond to the impact load, it is recommended to use self-aligning roller bearing or thrust self-aligning roller bearing. Standard bearings are not suitable for operation in severe conditions


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