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Do you really understand foamed concrete?

Posted on 2020-04-07 10:23 ET

Foamed concrete is to foam the foaming agent mechanically through the foaming system of the foaming machine, mix the foam with the cement slurry uniformly, and then pass through the foaming machine The pumping system is used for cast-in-place construction or mold molding, and a new type of lightweight insulation material containing a large number of closed pores is formed by natural maintenance; foamed concrete is formed by mixing foaming agent, cement, fly ash, stone powder, etc. The organic double-continuous polymer with continuous structure contains uniform pores; foamed concrete is used for roof insulation, slope protection, ground insulation cushion, upturned beam foundation pit filling, wall pouring, and other energy-saving materials.

Characteristics of foamed concrete

1. Lightweight

The density of foamed concrete is small, and the density grade is generally 300-1800kg / m3. The density grade of commonly used foamed concrete is 300-1200 kg / m3. In recent years, ultra-light foam concrete with a density of 160 kg / m3 is also in construction. The foamed concrete that should be foamed concrete was obtained. Due to the low density of foam concrete, the use of this material in the internal and external walls, floors, floors, columns and other building structures of the building can generally reduce the self-weight of the building by about 25%, and some can reach 30% of the total weight of the structure. % -40%. Moreover, structural members, such as the use of foamed concrete instead of ordinary concrete, can improve the bearing capacity of the members.

2. Good thermal insulation performance

Because foamed concrete contains a large number of small closed pores, it has good thermal performance, that is, good thermal insulation performance, which is not available in ordinary concrete. Generally, the foamed concrete with a density grade in the range of 300-1200 kg / m3 has a thermal conductivity of 0.08-0.3w / (m ยท K) and thermal resistance of about 10-20 times that of ordinary concrete. The use of foamed concrete as the building wall and roofing material has a good energy-saving effect.

3. Excellent sound insulation and fireplace resistance

Foamed concrete is a porous cloth, so it is also an excellent sound insulation cloth. It could be used as a valid insulation layer on constructing flooring and sound insulation forums of highways, on the pinnacle ground of underground homes, and so on. Foamed concrete is an inorganic fabric that doesn't burn, so it has true hearth resistance. It may be used on homes to enhance the fireplace resistance of buildings.

4. Good overall performance

Foamed concrete can be cast on-site, which is closely integrated with the main project.

5. Good low shock absorption

The porosity of foamed concrete makes it have a low modulus of elasticity so that it has good absorption and dispersion of impact loads.

6. robust, water-resistant performance

The solid-in-vicinity foamed concrete has a low water absorption charge, extraordinarily independent closed bubbles, and excellent integrity in order that it has a sure waterproof overall performance.

7. Good durability

Same life as the main project.

8. Convenient production and processing

Foamed concrete can not only be produced into a variety of products in the factory but also can be constructed on-site, directly cast into roofs, floors, and walls.

9. right environmental performance

The raw substances required for foamed concrete are cement and foaming agent. The foaming agent is neutral and does not incorporate harmful substances inclusive of benzene and formaldehyde, which avoids environmental pollutants and hidden fireplace dangers.

Application range of foamed concrete

Foam concrete is widely used in energy-saving wall materials because of its good characteristics and has also been applied in other aspects. At present, the application of foamed concrete in China is mainly the cast-in-place foamed concrete insulation layer, foamed concrete surface block, foamed concrete, light weight wallboard and foamed concrete compensation foundation. However, taking full advantage of the good properties of foam concrete can expand its application in construction projects, accelerate the progress of the project, and improve the quality of the project.


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