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The Thermal Characteristic of the Machine Tool's Electric Spindle Becomes the Main Reason to Affect the Machining Accuracy

Posted on 2020-02-25 11:25 ET

In today's processing conditions, the electric spindle of high-speed machine tools is its core component, but also the primary source of heat generated by this kind of machine tool. In high-speed machine tools, the accuracy requirements of all parts in the machine tools are relatively high, especially the precision rolling bearing of the spindle. At this time, the working error of the electric axis will be reduced, and the processing equipment will be more precise. However, the heating of the motor and the friction heating of the bearing in the electric spindle are inevitable. If the thermal deformation caused by this is mishandled, the machining accuracy of the machine tool will be severely reduced. Therefore, in high-speed machine tools, the thermal characteristics of the motorized spindle become a significant factor affecting the machining accuracy and directly limit the improvement of the motorized spindle speed.


In the machining process of machine tools, the output power of the motor is the sum of the energy consumed in idling and the energy consumed in cutting. In high-speed machining, the heat transformed by the idle power consumption of the machine tool becomes the primary heat source of the high-speed machining machine tool. In the high-speed operation of the main shaft bearing, there are complex friction phenomena, which aggravate the heating intensity and directly affect the thermal deformation of the electric central shaft system. At the same time, because the heat of the motor is transmitted to the bearing, the temperature rise of the bearing is higher, which accelerates the wear of the bearing and causes the loss of accuracy. In severe cases, even the phenomenon of metal bond burn occurs, which makes the bearing invalid. Moreover, there is a lot of evidence that the thermal strength of the main shaft bearing is closely related to the structure of the central shaft system, the type, configuration, and pre tightening of the bearing, lubricant, and transmission mode.


In this case, the heat dissipation of the motorized spindle of the machine tool is very worthy of attention. The motor stator oil-water heat exchange cooling system is usually used for heat dissipation of the high-speed machine spindle. The oil pump continuously outputs a massive flow of cooling oil, which generates heat exchange with the motor stator through the spiral groove of the motor stator cooling sleeve. It then exchanges heat with water through the output circuit, so that the oil flows back to the oil pool after cooling to realize circulating cooling. This can effectively reduce the influence of motor heating on the main shaft bearing and improve the service life of the bearing.


The quality of bearings is also a significant factor affecting the operation of the machine tool electric spindle. Eric Bearing Co., Ltd. has established a partnership with distributors all over the world, covering up to nine bearing brands including FAG, SKF, NTN, etc., and has made significant achievements in the precision bearing of machine tools. They will try their best to meet the needs of every customer.

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